Rating: 2

rjm10215 Alvin's Wines & Spirits

I've done business at the 6th Street location for almost 10 years. We typically buy the same two items every week, sometimes twice a week. Apparently that isn't enough because in the last several months they have been out of the wine on more than one occasion. They have obviously cut their order below the demand and then give excuses like the suppler isn't producing as much or the latest, the delivery date changed. When we had to go to another store because they were out, that store told us they weren’t having any problems with the supplier. And how does changing the delivery day matter if you have an adequate supply? I think their indifference to the fact they are out is an indication that they no longer want my business. I wish they would just have the balls to say they are going to discontinue carrying that wine so I can quite wasting my time stopping there.

And I agree with the others about staff eating, texting, watching TV and not knowing answers to your questions. But that doesn't really matter when I'm not able to purchase what I want I guess. Lately I’ve been walking in and walking back out.

Rating: 4

rjm10215 Scooter's Coffeehouse

Coffee is good. But don't understand the customer service. I had driven up, ordered and paid. My order was trumped by a walk up that ordered after me. Guess next time I get out and stand by my car?