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psofga Starving Artists Moving

(Part 1 of 2) This was one of the worst move experiences in my life. I arranged for the movers to come after I deployed to Iraq. My wife stayed to supervise the movement of our household goods from our apartment to a storage unit. The movers showed up at first without boxes, even though they were supposed to pack a large majority of the apartment. Then they scrambled to acquire boxes from a local uhaul store. They packed most of the apartment and part of the garage and made the first trip to the storage unit. My wife escorted them into the storage properties and opened our unit for them. She sat in the car with our 4 month old baby for a few minutes and watched them roughly handle the boxes that they had packed. They were sliding them down the truck ramp, stacked 2 or 3 high and heaving them up high in the storage unit. She was slightly concerned, but this is her first move and she figured that they knew what they were doing. The movers told her that she could go ahead and go back to the apartment and meet them there once they finished unloading the truck. She drove back to our apartment and waited. After a while the movers knocked on the door to get the rest of the things from the apartment and garage. She had to turn the rental car in by the time they finished, so she gave them the spare key to the storage and they told her that they would unload the truck and place the spare key in our file in Lawrence. She had friends pick her up from the car rental place and drive her to the airport. She did not have time to inspect the storage unit prior to flying from KS to GA, where she moved during my deployment. When I came home during R&R we decided to move her back to KS. The company accomodated us by leaving the spare key for us outside their office in Lawrence so we could pick it up after business hours as we were driving through. We were planning to stop by the storage unit early the next morning, prior to moving into the apartment. My wife then told me she was worried about our stuff because of the way the movers had been handling the boxes when she was watching part of the first truck being unloaded. I assured her that they were professionals and that we paid a lot of money for them to be careful with our stuff, so I was sure that everything would be fine. I had approximately 36 hours to move her back into our apartment before I had to return from R&R. Once we arrived at the storage unit that Starving Artists packed, the real nightmare began.