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misty123 Med Furniture

Buyer Beware!

I sure wish I had read these reviews before they got my 2300 for the brook 250 treatment table. I have not been able to get ahold of Ryan Gordon nor anyone else from the business. I have taken up a dispute with my Visa. Glad I used a visa to purchase. He said they were having production problems. I had a sneaky feeling after no or limited response that I have been scammed. Do not order from this company until they get 5 star reviews and we all get our tables that have been paid for. Misty

BeResponsible replies...

Contact FBI and local law enforcement. This is not a legitimate business.

robinhood999 replies...

Misty123 and BeResonsible. I think I may have found Ryan Gordon. I've posted it in this same review above. Good luck. I hope I get some product or at least refund from all of this.