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kstater97 None

Although I know I should get my carpets cleaned probably twice a year or at least once a year I have put it off for about 4 years or more and decided I'd better get it done. John came out and gave me a good overview of his method, cleaning agents and process. To be honest I was just expecting someone with a van and a long hose to do a quick 30 minute job but John was very thorough and seems to be a perfectionist, going back over a tough spot 3x until he was satisfied (I thought it looked fine on pass #1!). It dried very quickly and looks great! Definitely going to have him out again after the Holidays. Thanks, John!

crimsonandbluecarpet replies...

Thank you for your business! I appreciate every customer that I get and try my very best to please. Once again, thank you for your business! Referrals are appreciated!