Rating: 1

kansashorserider Beauty Brands Salon Spa & Superstore

Overall, bad experience. I went in for a basic manicure that I had just made an appointment for, and they took me 20 minutes late. The girl who did my nails had been standing at the counter gossiping with her co-workers about another client while I was waiting. The tools used for the manicure did not seem to be sterilized or cleaned well, and the "Salon Professional" who did my nails did not even know how to really use one of the tools properly. She forgot to do a second coat of polish on one of my nails so that it looked nearly see-through compared to the other nails. I finally had to ask her to redo that one. During the whole manicure, she kept bumping one of my thumbs so that she had to repaint it twice. And in general the paint job was sloppy with much of the polish ending up on my skin and cuticles. The girl kept complaining about how long of a day it had been and how excited she was to leave right after she was done with me. She scurried out of there before my nails even finished drying. This was not a $10 manicure either, for $20 I expected more.