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I have a serious issue with carpet recently cleaned by John. He talks the talk but I will see if he follows through and provides a remedy. Re-cleaning is not an option. Supposedly he has insurance and is bonded. I will update this with a positive or negative review when he follows through or I will let you know details about the problem.

crimsonandbluecarpet replies...

This customer has been offered, and rejected a warrantied re-clean in order to correct a common condition known as "wicking". Wicking occurs due to heavy accumulation of soil at the base of yarns, padding, and/or underneath the padding. Wicking on looped olefin (Berber) carpets and rugs can be especially severe, but only requires a re-clean to resolve the issue. This condition can also be caused by improper carpet installation. Many times the flooring underneath the carpet and padding are not cleaned properly prior to installation according to CRI standards (http://www.carpet-rug.org/residential...).

The second issue encountered is fairly common with aged carpets. Carpet can become loose before, during, or after installation. Today, many carpets are manufactured with all synthetic materials, and have a tendency to relax even when minimal moisture is applied. These types of carpet are constructed with a synthetic primary and secondary backing; if these carpets are tight and become loose after cleaning, and do not tighten again after, the pile should be re-stretched. The "loose" condition occurs in carpet that may have not been properly installed, was not stretched during installation, or has heavy traffic on it. The customers carpet re-tightened within 72 hours after the cleaning and we can prove this with photos.

Again, we have offered a completely complementary re-clean. However, the customer has demanded new carpet. We have offered the customer a reasonable, warranty-based solution, but they have declined to have further work performed by our organization. Unfortunately, the customer has denied Crimson & Blue the opportunity to perform to their satisfaction, but we are more than willing to fulfill our obligations to our customers under our warranty program.