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Bought a bed but it didn't fit the frame so I wanted to take it back and trade up to a larger mattress. They wanted to charge me an $80 restocking fee for a brand new mattress still in the plastic bags. They just lost a customer. Next time I'll go to Discovery Furniture or Nebraska Furniture Mart.

Klucas7468 replies...

This man came in to order a SPECIAL SIZE mattress set. We incouraged him to remeasure before we ordered the set because he could not return it.(Our mattress company makes special sized mattress sets but will not take them back if its the wrong size) He assured us he knew what size he needed so we ordered it for him. We called him when it came in, delivered to him at no charge, next day he called and said it did not fit his frame , wanted to bring it in and bump up to a queen. I told him we couldn't take it back. I offered to sell him a center support at cost to support it, he did that thanked me and left. He then went home and wrote a bad comment about our company. We strive to give the kind of customer service we are proud of. And the continued service we offer the Lawrence customers, we feel is a step above the rest. Thank you, Kathy Lucas