Anne Bracker


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Anne Bracker None

John was courteous, professional, and thorough when cleaning my carpets and made them look almost like new -- even though they are cheap contractor-grade carpets from 1994. He was able to remove old pet stains and years of worn-in dirt to allow me to squeeze another year or two out of the old carpets before I absolutely have to replace them. Plus, the products he used are safe for pets and kids. When he left, the carpet had a pleasant clean smell that lingered for several days without being objectionable or overpowering. Just a nice, light scent. I've already recommended him to several friends and even recommended him to my mom, who subsequently had a similar experience with John. If I can trust John to do a good job cleaning for my own mother, I have no qualms recommending him to anyone else.

crimsonandbluecarpet replies...

Thank you for your business! I appreciate every customer that I get and try my very best to please. Once again, thank you for your business! Referrals are appreciated!