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geosase None

horrible experience This doctor is as arrogant as he looks and probably worse. Absolutely no bedside manner no care for the patients well being. After being referred to this Dr. by Dr Bailey we had to wait nearly a month to get in to him for my wife's shoulder for him to walk into the room and tell her "Well I think its simply a frozen shoulder" then proceeded to inform her this would go on for another 6 months to 3 years and that she just needed to deal with it. when i asked him about pain management and informed him that the pills dr bailey were not working he simply said "I don't prescribe meds for pain unless something is broken" and walked out. that was literally the entire visit that took about 1 and a half minute for about $450 bucks. I just think its unfair to make a great living at being a bad Doctor. If you are referred to him I suggest checking somewhere else, hopefully you can find a doctor that cares about more than money

Ken87 replies...

spot on.