Rating: 5

black_butterfly Dairy Queen

This location is great. The service is timely and friendly and the food is always the way it is supposed to be. However, the Iowa location deserves 1 star. It appears to be run by immature teens who don't know or care to know what customer service is.

Rating: 1

black_butterfly Bambino's Italian Restaurant

I used to be a big fan of Bambino's lunch buffet when they were located on Mass St. I was glad when I heard that they had a Sunday brunch buffet also. I told my children how great Bambino's was and how nice the owner was. We went on a Sunday morning for the buffet. It was late mid-morning but I figured since it was advertised as a "Brunch buffet" we would be okay.I even asked if we still had time to have the brunch buffet because it was around 11. We were told yes. First of all it took us forever to get seated. Then the buffet was picked over and the food was cold. When I inquired if the buffet would be replenished the staff person acted irritated that I had bothered him and said he would go ask the cook if he was going to cook anything else for the buffet. After waiting for quite some time I realized that my family was the only customers who were eating the brunch buffet and customers were coming in to order lunch. I guess since we were the only family eating the brunch buffet we weren't important enough for them to care about the quality of food and the service we were getting. I asked again about the buffet, particularly bacon and biscuts/ gravy. I asked to speak to the owner. Finally someone in a dirty apron (I assume the cook) came out and put more biscuts and gravy out, placing the lid of the warming pan on the FLOOR and then slammed it back on the tray where food was. The owner finally came out and we asked again for bacon. About 15 minutes later the server came out to our table with a plate of about 15 pieces of bacon and said here you guys can just have the whole plate. This was offensive, but we did take the bacon because we had barely eaten anything. The owner gave us $2.00 off each meal which was nice but she acted like we were being unreasonable. Don't advertise a brunch buffet if you are going to be too cheap to keep it stocked until it is over. If they had told us that they don't keep the buffet fully stocked if it is close to lunch time we would have gone elsewhere. Needless to say we will not go back to Bambino's. The only reason why we went is because our favorite breakfast spot, First Watch, had closed down. It's been about 6 weeks since our bad experience at Bambino's and I've lost about 10 lbs since. LOL. First Watch opens back up this weekend! Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Rating: 5

black_butterfly Saints Pub + Patio

The food is really good and the servers are very nice. What more could you ask for?

Rating: 1

black_butterfly Old Navy

My daughter and I went into Old Navy last week to look for some boots. We spend a good 10 minutes looking for the boots, then at the boots and I stated that I wonder if these are the only boots they have. We were standing literally four feet from an employee named Amy. She was refolding shirts at a table. I looked her way. She pretended to be very busy and said nothing to us. She totally ingored us so I figured she must be pretty busy. A few minutes later a couple walked by and she IMMEDIATELY and cheerfully said to them, "Hello folks, can I help you find anything?" I made a comment about us standing there looking for something and her not responding. I then asked her what her name was. She told me. Someone needs to tell Amy to treat ALL customers the same! Usually employees are very friendly and helpful at Old Navy so I was quite shocked and disappointed. Amy cost Old Navy one sale that day (At least).

Rating: 1

black_butterfly Cici's Pizza

We will never eat at CiCi's again. Their dishes are not clean. Their salad bar is always messy. We saw a roach crawling across the floor the last time we were there, about a year ago. The bus boy acted like it was no big deal. Also the people that bus the tables will park that nasty cart right by your table and sling dirty plates , garbage and the cleaning rag. Once someone swept under our table while we were eating. The manager is really nice but it is a shame that the place is not cleaner.

velaseraptor replies...

Why would you leave a review for a place you've not dined in for a year?

Rating: 1

black_butterfly Wendy's

The immature girl taking orders in the drive thru was rude. I asked for spicy chicken tenders and got regular, I asked for no ice and got ice. Food was cold. Service horrible and it took for ever!

Rating: 5

black_butterfly Chipotle Mexican Grill

I am addicted to Chipotle and I really can't say anything negative about the place. Employees are friendly and food is always hot and fresh. The restaraunt is always clean. The dining room decor is industrial and cold which is why we don't dine in. the ONLY complaint I have is that every once in a while I will bite into what I think is chicken and it is a big lump of fat. I will continue have Chipotle once a week!

Rating: 5

black_butterfly First Watch Restaurant

First watch's quality has gone down just a little but they are still the cleanest restaraunt in town and have the freshest tasting food. Their breakfast potatoes use to be PERFECT but last few times they were dry. First Watch gets it when it comes to customer service. Servers are always friendly. My daughter LOVES their blueberry pancakes. Still gets 5 stars!