Rating: 3

Shockem211 Pickleman's Gourmet Cafe

The food here is delicious. However; they have managed to screw up the last 3 of 4 orders I have placed for delivery. Today, they charged me 1.98 (wow!) for extra dressing (no bigger than a small ketchup container) and forgot to bring it! That's more than they charge for a fountain soda! If you are gonig to charge 7.50 for a salad, you should really provide 2 containers of dressing, due to the size. Or charge, say, 50 cents for an extra dressing.

PicklemansKS replies...

I'm so sorry for your frustration with this order and I want to thank you for being a loyal customer. There is no excuse for forgetting items.
We'd like to buy you lunch so you can give us another chance.

We do charge for Ranch but we make it by hand in store daily. We take pride in our high quality of products and sometimes that means us charging a little bit more. I hope you can give us the chance to serve you again. Please email me your info @

Rating: 5

Shockem211 K's Tire Sales and Service

I have taken our vehicles here many times, whether it be for tires, repairs and regular oil changes. Their pricing is more than fair and they can always get us in same-day. I never feel like we are being put through the ringer or cheated out of our hard earned money. Thank you to Jimmy and his guys!