Rating: 5

SC Cafe Beautiful

I love this place!!! We went there to check it out after hearing amazing reviews and left without a disappointment and we cannot wait to return! Great service, great presentation and one of the best meals I've had in my life - and my mother's cooking tops that list.

I read the previous review and will say that if you are that picky of a eater, do not go to a place like this. What Cafe Beautiful offers is an amazing food experience, and if you are not food-venturous then I would recommend staying in known territory. The food is gourmet and perhaps for Great Plains standards could be seen as 'exotic' - lobster bisque, cold duck (YUM!!!), sushi, fresh fruit salad with amazing vinaigrette, butternut squash soup, freshly made mango ice cream - but the only exotic thing I see about this Cafe is that no other restaurant has ever provided such consistently great/amazing/wonderful/fantastic food.

When I made my reservation I was able to indicate my allergies and she inquired about general tastes. All was accounted for and considered.

Now my mouth is watering.