Rating: 2

Panamint Basil Leaf Cafe

Food is OK but service and attitude is flawed. Got a take out order from this place. They mispacked it and a couple of items spilled completely over the bag. We suggested that they should have packed it better and they blamed us for sloppy transport.

Food was OK, but heavy and not superb. The attitude was not acceptable. I would steer clear of this place.

The BBQ place there before was great, and is not in business at the old Bucky's site. The Chinese place there before that was good, and I think the woman that ran that has a business still. Basil Leaf has a bad attitude, and will not be in business in another year.

walterbradley replies...

The only bad attitude in this transaction was from the other side of the fence, We are always happy to accomodate customers and make all situations right when we are wrong however there is a mutual respect involved and before the staff could right the wrong said customer jumped down their throats and hung up and would'nt have an adult conversation. I am more than merely a gas station cook I am a highly skilled chef with more than 16 years experience in this field and as far as the food my following speaks for itself. We do the best we can with what we have and will continue to improve and grow and get better with age like a fine wine. And as far as being in business in a year come by and say hello and I will throw you and free meal and dessert on the house. We arent going anywhere.
We here at the Basil Leaf believe in great food, good portions and a fair price we strive to be the best everyday and grow everyday and dont hold grudges or belittle people for accidents that happen in life. It has happened to others before you and may happen again the only difference is having respect and understanding in the situation. Thanks for your business and great review and we look forward to serving you again one day. We are sincerely sorry for your bad experience but before we could offer to fix the situation you acted out and hung up before we could offer a solution, Next time take a deep breath count to ten and lets talk it out and fix it instead of escalate it to a war or words online We are sorry for your experience and wish you the best have a great day