Rating: 2

LarryNative Fuzzy's Taco Shop

I was hoping the name of the business began with a guy named Fuzzy. I was wrong. My fears were realized when I entered the business and saw " We put the T&A in taco" and "eat me" on the walls. I find the sexual innuendos disgusting and unappetizing and I'm the furthest thing from a prude. The decor is cheap and the paint job is bad. Those things don't bother me though, the guys gotta make a buck and spending big money to open a taco joint is a recipe for disaster. Now for the food. I did not get the fish taco. The tackiness of the business and fish in Kansas..........not gonna do it. Anyway, the secret sauce here I believe is ranch dressing. We had pork, beef and chicken burritos and tacos. We got them mixed up and could not distinguish which was which, they all tasted like ranch dressing and looked the same. The tacos were good, $1.99 but not very big. I would need 4 to make a meal. Salsa is extra which I hate at Mexican restaurants. The sauce on the table is watery vinegar, not good. The burritos were a mess and not good. I hear the fish tacos are good. Since the tacos I had were the only positive experience, Ill go back and try those despite the disgusting name.

Rating: 4

LarryNative WA Restaurant

The sushi is incredible for Lawrence, Ks. I have had much worse in sushi places in big cities on both coasts. I only gave it 4/5 because I do not like all the crispy and goopy sauces they have added to their menu. I understand if Wa felt they needed to dummy down their product for the masses but a their is nothing better then their White Tuna Sashimi.

Rating: 5

LarryNative Zen Zero

Best Red Curry dishes in town.

Rating: 5

LarryNative Quinton's Bar & Deli

Quinton's has been serving the best sandwiches in Lawrence for the last 20 years. The corned beef is the best in town and the home made soups in s bread bowl are amazing. Quinton's has also been supporting local businesses in town over the years like M&M Bakery. Keep up the great food.

Rating: 5

LarryNative 715

I have been to 715 over 20 times. The food has progressed over time and the last 5 meals I have eaten at 715 have been very good. 715 is the best restaurant in Lawrence right now. The pricing is good, the cocktails are the most inspired in Lawrence, the wine list is has bargains if you know much about wine and the food is now hitting the mark. My only complaint at times is the food is under seasoned for Americans. If I'm in Florence, it is seasoned properly but I am in Lawrence, Ks. Food needs salt. The decor is amazing. Once inside, you feel like you could be in a New York restaurant. The service has been outstanding on all of my visits. Keep it up guys and somehow let the public know what exactly you guys are doing at 715. I don't believe the public realizes what Michael is doing in the kitchen and it is quite amazing.

Matt Hyde replies...

Thanks so very much for your kind words. Glad to have your input about seasoning. I think my biggest complaint with most restaurant food is that it is too salty, but I realize there is a middleground for sure. We really appreciate your support!
Matt Hyde

Jonathan Kealing replies...

For what it's worth, I vote for not adding more salt. Too often I encounter food in local restaurants that has too much salt. It doesn't taste good and it's really not super healthy, either.

black_butterfly replies...

I have never eaten at 715 but I've noticed that Matt has responded to all reviews good or otherwise. To me that says a lot about his service. This prooves that he cares what the consumer thinks and cares about his reputation. Most managers don't even care if they have a complaint or as I've seen in other posts, try to blame the customer. Since two of our favorite eating establishments have closed (Gambino's and Old Chicago) we may be checking 715 out very soon! Best wishes for continued success Matt! BTW Larry... more seasoning doesn't necessairly mean more salt. Natural seasonings do wonders and don't add more sodium... garlic, cilantro, etc. I can't have much salt so I agree with Jonathan, please no heavy salt!

Rating: 5

LarryNative Dempsey's Burger Pub

The chef at Dempsey's is very talented and I would like to applaud his sustainable cooking concept. The local farmers produce and beef are all fantastic. The Egg Burger is my favorite and all the sauces and hand cut fries are amazing. Keep up the good work and keep the best burger's in Lawrence coming.