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Kansan1 Basil Leaf Cafe

The owner of Basil Leaf would be wise to not respond to unhappy customers in public if it is done like the reply to Panamint. I was going to dine there this weekend, before I saw this.

MJFarmermac replies...

So you then give them a one star review based on words on the web, and having never eaten there? You did yourself (and them via the star) a dis-service. They could throw the food at me soup nazi-style when I got there and I wouldn't care- it's that good. I don't think these star ratings are supposed to be for web comments, are they?

ti62421 replies...

First, shame on you, because this is not a review and the 1-star rating is not deserved.

I'm curious if the response to Panamint left a bad taste in your mouth because there wasn't the typical gung-ho "the customer's always right" attitude or for some other reason? I'm not a fan of "the customer is always right" because sometimes you get crazy people with an entitlement complex that are impossible to please no matter how far you bend over backward.

I think "Chef Walt" has responded to poor reviews on here in an appropriate way. While I do think he could have benefited from a couple of proof-readings because there are moments he mistypes or repeats himself, the actual content is perfect and I think he is taking full advantage of what Lawrencemarketplace.com should be used for!

Clearly, "Chef Walt" is passionate about his business. From what I can see he...

A) wants to address any legitimate issues that people may have had (see the twieb response) so that he can prevent future customers from leaving unsatisfied and

B) he wants to address reviews that are uncalled for (the Panamint review) and reassure this person that if they just happened to be having a bad day that he would have happily heard them out and tried to remedy the situation that day and he also welcomes their business in the future if they change their mind!

I rarely eat out and have heard the buzz around town about the Basil Leaf Cafe for a while now, after reading through the reviews "Chef Walt" has gained my respect as a business owner and I will be making my way down there soon to try out his food (in hopes he also gains my respect as a kick-a chef!)

Kansan1, check out the restaurant, perhaps you have never owned a business before or worked in the food service industry but I promise, sometimes the customer is incredibly WRONG :)