Rating: 2

Jesis Dash Salon Day Spa

I recently purchased the voucher to have a shellac manicure done for half price. I went in, expecting that for a service that was "supposed" to normally cost $35.00, I would get a great manicure that would last me at least a week. I was wrong! Kelsey did my nails (and I'm looking through these last 4 reviews, all of which pertain to Kelsey exclusively after a negative post, and wondering why it is that in 2 days she got 4 great reviews, a little fishy to me), and she really did a horrible job. She was nice enough, but she did not seem to care about me, or my manicure, at all. She put a very thin layer of shellac on my nails, then proceeded to do a "french tip". Yeah right. They looked terrible. Not only that, but most of them have peeled off, and it's only the next day! I'm very, very disappointed. I have called and left a message, I'm hoping to get them redone because this is absolutely unacceptable. I've had several shellac manicures since last summer and they have all lasted me 2-4 weeks. This one didn't even survive a day! Save your money and go to a REAL nail salon... or just don't go to Kelsey.

I called Dash and the owner- Krista- fixed my nails and made everything right. She did a wonderful job on my nails and the experience was much better. I recommend asking for her!