Rating: 5

JayhawkFan7272 The Selection Premium Seleceted Automobiles

I had a great experience there when I traded in a car and purchased one. I have been very happy with my new used car from there. They were very quick with the process, honest and easy to work with.

Rating: 5

JayhawkFan7272 Animal Hospital of Lawrence

Love them! I trust them with all 3 of our doggies!! They saved the day when a dog we adopted from the pound came home with kennel cough.

Rating: 5

JayhawkFan7272 Dr. Clean

Excellent service and amazing results!! Love our carpets again!!

Rating: 5

JayhawkFan7272 Pueblo Mexican Restaurant

Great food, great people!

Rating: 5

JayhawkFan7272 Garber Automotive, Inc.

Great People!!

Rating: 5

JayhawkFan7272 Cody's Appliance Repair LLC.

Cody was very polite and helpful and he explained everything that he did to fix my fridge so that I could understand. He came right out and solved our leak very quickly which was a huge relief. His rates were very reasonable compared to the other companies I called. He also takes credit cards which was very helpful for me. I will definately call him again in the future.

AndrewB replies...

I used Steve's Appliance Repair twice, once to fix a dry and once for a washer. They did okay on the dryer a couple years ago (not much the could mess up), but two months ago they came out to fix my washer and caused $2,000 worth of damage to my home due to their negligence.
I politely and professionally tried to discuss the matter with the owner, Steve Cummings, but he would barely even listen to what I said. I ended up having to take them to small claims court (at which time both he and his son Cody either lied to the court, or they’re so inept they don’t know the truth) to try to recoup my costs for the damaged property! Never did end up getting the money!
Spend the extra money and hire Professionals!

JayhawkFan7272 replies...

AndrewB, what does your comment about another service company have to do with MY review of THIS company??? I have used Cody for many, many years and I have referred him to several of my friends. My experience with Cody has been that everyone loves him and is always very happy with the work that he does. He is a great guy who does a lot for the Lawrence community and local children’s charities. It sounds like you have an axe to grind and that's very sad for you. I don't understand why you would want to try to hurt a young, local man with a family and small business (who also happens to be an Army veteran of this fine country). You may have guessed this already, but I do know Cody pretty well at this point, like I said, I’ve been using him for service for many, many years. According to your own comment, you had your day in court and the judge obviously didn’t see things your way. Please do not comment further on my review of this business and move on with your life. God Bless.