Rating: 1

November 14, 2012

I am going to give it one star for the free cheese dip. But that is all that was good. We went to El Potro tonight for supper before we went to the KU Women's volleyball game. We got there around 5:00 and it took them until 5:15 to take our orders. There were only two other tables with 2 people each in the restaurant so they we NOT busy. After they finally took our orders it didn't take long to get our food. As the waitress was serving our food, she dumped 1/2 the plate on my lap. While she said "OH, I'M SORRY, I'LL GET YOU ANOTHER PLATE", she didn't ask if there was anything she could get me to help clean off my lap. The Manager brought the other plate of food out, obviously oblivious to what had happened. When the time came for us to leave for the game, we had not gotten our ticket so we went up to the front. There we once again saw our waitress doing nothing but talking to some of the other workers. When the hostess said something to her about our ticket, she said "OH I WAS JUST BRINGING IT". She then gave me the price for the entire ticket. I told her I couldn't believe she was going to charge me the whole price when she dumped half of a plate of food on my lap. She said she would have to have the Manage come out which he did. He asked me what the problem was, once again she couldn't step up to take credit for what she did. So I told him the whole story, from not getting waited on, not getting our order taken to the food in my lap. Then her comment was "WELL YOU ATE IT". My comment back was, no I didn't. You took the plate back and brought us out a new plate of food. The Manager told her that was enough and he took one meal off our ticket. I guess I don't understand why he didn't comp our whole ticket considering the continued abuse we were taking from the waitress. This visit definately left a bad taste on my LAP and I won't be going back for a long time. There are alot of good restaurants in Lawrence and we don't have to take this kind of LACK of service of verbal abuse. Please think twice about going.