Rating: 5

August 10, 2012

I began my journey with Underground Lab Fitness (UGL) in October of 2011, and have never experienced the kind of work-outs I've been doing at any other facility. Another member of UGL recommended it, and I could not get her to stop talking about the place, so I figured I would give it a try. Her love for UGL was extremely contagious, and now I understand why. When I joined last year, I honestly thought it might be like other places. I had been a member of another place in Lawrence for about 7 years. For the entire 7 years, I never got any newsletters, updates, or personally offered a session. The only time I got a notification, it was because my membership needed to be renewed. I understand that some people like to be on their own when they head to the gym to work-out. This is what I like about UGL. The trainers ask for your personal preferences. They try to get to know you. If they see that you might be lifting inaccurately, someone will offer to show you the correct way. I know they do this, because they don't want anyone to be injured. The trainers are very attentive, knowledgeable, and inspirational. When I joined, I started training with Melissa. I now feel more stronger than I ever have in my life. She pushes me, even when I feel like giving up. I'm always learning a new technique, and it's never boring. I am the type of person that can easily get off track, which is why Melissa is the perfect trainer for me. I am signed up for two sessions per week, which are flexible. It's been easy for me to set up my own times. You can schedule your session week by week, or month by month, different days, different times. I love the flexibility. If you are looking for a place that makes you feel welcome, is physically challenging in all aspects, fun, inviting, clean, and exciting, then UGL is the place for you! Fernando, the owner, and all of the trainers are genuinely nice and very professional. UGL is one of the healthiest decisions I've ever made. I'm not a robot either. lol ----Tamera.