Rating: 1

July 30, 2012

I have been going here for 10 yrs almost and recently purchased new contacts for my wife and I. A month later had to purchase glasses for my 5 yr old son. We wanted everything on them. 3 weeks after we got them they were scratched and when we called them they said they were not coated with a scratch resistant coating but we could bring them in and they would do it. Well we had to go back for a 1 month check. Well the Doctor had the wrong proscription and we had to have new lenses made. So we ask them then to put the coating on and they said they wouldn't do it because we were past our 30 warranty on the prescription. It's not that they couldn't its that they wouldn't. I even offered to pay more and they said there lab would not do it. I don't know why their lab couldn't. After all they have their own lab in Topeka. I will never give them another dollar!