Rating: 5

March 15, 2012

How much better would your life be if you woke up well rested every morning?

I had what I thought was a reasonable mattress for the last ten years. I thought I slept fine. On a whim one day, I went into Bed Mart and starting looking around, laying down on the mattresses. After asking me a few questions about how I sleep and what kind of mattress I had, Kathy helped me by pointing out a few models I might like to try. Wow! The first one felt good. The second one felt better and the third was the right one!

Even so, I'm a little frugal, so I checked around at the other places in town to see if I could do better. Nope.

On sale, in stock, free delivery, hauled away my old mattress and springs and extremely helpful! Bright and pleasant service and plenty of models to choose from. The fact that they are home owned and have been in Lawrence for years helped make the even decision easier.

Since then, I have bought another mattress & springs for my teenager and will shortly buy another for a son going away to school. They remembered me and thanked me for coming back in. Asked how my specific bed was working out - they even remembered what model I had bought!

When I had some questions about a new bed for my older parents, Kathy was most helpful in letting me know what to shy away from and what would work well for my folks - even hough they live in St Louis and wouldn't be buying th bed from them.

Do yourself a favor and stop in to see Kathy or Gary. You'll sleep better if you do!