Rating: 1

January 18, 2012

BEWARE OF SERVICE DEPARTMENT! I had a rack and pinion put on my vehicle a couple of months ago, and upon getting it back, my vehicle has had a knocking noise when braking. I took it back to the the service department repeatedly (atleast 5 times), they even ordered what they called a "special tool", and they still were not able to find the cause of the knocking noise. Finally I gave up and eventually took my vehicle to Briggs auto, and they diagnosed the problem immediately: Academy Cars had loosened the cradle to install the rack and pinion and failed to tighten it back up, therefore it was moving back and forth upon moving and braking. I called Academy Cars multiple times to tell them about their mistake, and everytime I called they told me they would speak with their people and get back to me. Well guess what, they never got back to me. I spoke with Lizz, very rude, no call back. Vanessa, very friendly, but still no call back and finally Debbie, whom is in management....and still no call back. Obviously they DO NOT care about their customers, and their service department is incompetent. DO NOT go here unless you would like to get a vehicle back that may possibly be loose and fall apart. Sorry but I'm telling it the way it is, I had to pay over $100 bucks to diagnose and fix a problem that this shop caused...and all I wanted was someone to atleast get back with me about the issue but that was too much to ask. This service department should not be in business.