Rating: 3

December 2, 2011

We moved in July of this year and chose this company based on a friend's experience. Everything up until moving day was. The customer service was good, the price (on paper) looked reasonable. The problem was on the day of the move. They crew was late, and they did call me after the fact, to tell me. When they arrived, there were two guys (small, gangly guys that hardly looked like they would be able to move everything in my house). Upon arriving, the one that seemed to be in charge notified me that the assistant wasn't told he was working that day so that was why they were late. They started moving and shortly thereafter the assistant, looking unwell, said he really wished he had known he was working because he wouldn't have drank so much the night before. Needless to say he was dragging (and taking lots of breaks). I appreciated the lead guy because he wasn't happy about the situation and really tried to make up for the other guy. They got everything moved, though it took longer (and cost more) than expected. The hung-over guy was so beat by the end of the move that he couldn't help bring my treadmill in so they left it on the back porch. The lead guy apologized and did offer to come back later when my husband got home to help bring it in. Nothing was broken and overall it was a success. I probably wouldn't use them again though.