Rating: 5

December 13, 2010

Biemer's is my favorite BBQ place in Lawrence. I have tried pretty much everything on the menu, but I usually go with their Large Brisket Sandwich.

When the briskets is at its best (65%) of the time, it is the best I have ever had. Moist, a little fat, but not too much. Just really tasty. The rest of the time (35%) is still better than most brisket, can be a little dryer than ideal, or maybe a little too much fat, but I still really enjoy it.

I should say, I don't even use any sauce. The way they prepare brisket, it doesn't even require it.

My second favorite is the pulled pork. Very good.

If you are going for the first time, you have to try the brisket. If you are like me, it will be difficult to try anything else.