Rating: 2

November 6, 2010

This used to be a great place to go, but over the past few months they have gone downhill. The beverage machine has been broken for probably at least a month or so. The girl behind the counter said it would probably never be fixed. Because of this my partner has walked out several times.

For me I consistently ask for a shot of coffee in a glass cup and they always bring it to me in a paper cup, and then I have to ask again for a glass cup. (they also don't seem to know the difference between a glass cup and mug, because they always hand me a mug).

The latest goof up is, they have no jelly at there condiment counter. When I asked for jelly, they gave me about ten times more than I need from a jar behind the counter, when I asked the girl why they didn't have jelly available she said she didn't know.

The only thing I can figure out in what they are doing is, maybe they have to many customers and they are trying to discourage people form coming back. It worked for me!