Rating: 5

September 30, 2010

I have been to 715 over 20 times. The food has progressed over time and the last 5 meals I have eaten at 715 have been very good. 715 is the best restaurant in Lawrence right now. The pricing is good, the cocktails are the most inspired in Lawrence, the wine list is has bargains if you know much about wine and the food is now hitting the mark. My only complaint at times is the food is under seasoned for Americans. If I'm in Florence, it is seasoned properly but I am in Lawrence, Ks. Food needs salt. The decor is amazing. Once inside, you feel like you could be in a New York restaurant. The service has been outstanding on all of my visits. Keep it up guys and somehow let the public know what exactly you guys are doing at 715. I don't believe the public realizes what Michael is doing in the kitchen and it is quite amazing.