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Rating: 4

Heidi Stein (in.gre.di.ent)

The food is fantastic. My family loves their pizza. Going there this evening.

Rating: 1

wowiekt08 (in.gre.di.ent)

I had the absolute worst dining experience at this restaurant and I will never return.

We had no problem placing our order, but as soon as we found a seat after having to search for one because they had not cleared/cleaned empty tables we realized that there were well over 15 parties who had not received their food. Within 2 minutes of sitting down, a server attempted to bring my fiance a plate of fish tacos, which he had not ordered. When he told her that was not what he ordered she very rudely told him that his number was 36 and that was what he had ordered. He told her his order and she returned with the correct entree with the incorrect side. It was apparent he had been given someone's order who had ordered long before we had. About 15 minutes passed before he was able to get someone's attention and tell them that he was given the incorrect side. The same server then produced a bowl of fries and my entree, but the third person in our party had still not received her food. The server then told us that they were very backed up and that it would be a while before she would get her food. My food was served to me cold to the touch. My fiance's burger was also cold and was cooked beyond black. The fries he was given were also cold. There were no napkins to be found in the entire restaurant. Over 40 minutes elapsed between the time we ordered and the final person in our party was given her food, which was served to her cold as well, and initially they attempted to give her the incorrect order.

There were people who had sat down before us who had still not received their food when we left.

I will never return to this restaurant. I will tell other people to never come to this restaurant. I can see beyond mediocre food, but the service we received here was inexcusable and I wouldn't be able to tell you how the food was because we each only had a couple bites until we realized it was beyond cold. There was no salvaging this meal/dining experience. It was horrendous to say the best. I wish I could give this restaurant no stars, but that doesn't appear to be an option.

I am most upset with the way we were talked to and belittled by the serving staff. We will be contacting management regarding their service.