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Visit website 4931 W 6th Street, Suite 112, Lawrence, KS 66049 Opens today at 10 a.m.

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Rating: 5

rockchalkn Grills and Grinders

Went in again and had great service and just signed up for the BBQ Cooking Class on Aug 30th! It's only $35 and we'll get great cooking tips and guidance!

Rating: 5

jonnydingo Grills and Grinders

Great place nice people they delivered my egg to me no trip charge or delivery fees. Very helpful to me very nice. Will be back Good plug to Westlake's very fun Westlake's employes sent me to Grills and Grinders for my Big Green Egg items. Props to them the kid didn't have the knowledge to help me sent me down to them.

Rating: 1

SteamPunque Grills and Grinders

A nice array of BBQ stuff, but pitifully poor customer service. I thought I'd give Grill and Grinders a try, but it's back to Westlake's for local BIg Green Egg items and other BBQ supplies for this guy.

Rating: 5

phlash Grills and Grinders

This is the place in Lawrence for everything BBQ

There's an amazing array of BBQ rubs - and you can try them before you buy them. If you have a recipe for a rub you can mix your own from the bulk spices they carry. Cookers, charcoal, wood, accessories . . . it's all here.

This store is a great asset for our community. The people are super-friendly and helpful too.

Rating: 5

kufan1146 Grills and Grinders

Stopped in and ended up leaving with two sauces, a rub and a new meat thermometer. Great customer service and good prices on rubs/sauces. Highly recommend this place for all things grilling!