WheatFields Bakery Café

904 Vermont St, Lawrence, KS 66044


Open today until 8 p.m.

Our delicious and nationally acclaimed loaves are crafted by hard-working, skillful, and dedicated bakers, who, with daily attention to myriad details, apply their judgment, talent, and personal touch at each stage of the baking process.

Our hearth breads are made with only certified organic flour milled by Heartland Mill, a grower-owned organic grain and flour company in Marienthal, Kansas.

All WheatFields hearth breads are baked on the masonry hearth of our wood-fired Spanish oven. The Llopis oven imparts unique crust and crumb flavor and texture. We burn fewer than 12 cubic feet of local hardwood per day while baking hundreds of loaves.

All our breads are made with either natural levain or yeast preferments. While this requires more attention from our bakers, it results in better tasting, better textured bread for you.