West Coast Saloon

2222 Iowa St, Lawrence, KS 66046


One of the better joints in town to shoot some stick, the atmosphere is quiet, but not too quiet. Half a dozen tables, great burgers and a pleasant blend of folks are among the perks at the Saloon.

Bartender and co-owner Bob Gruenwald tops off a drink at the West Coast Saloon at 2222 Iowa, better known by its technical GPS reference point, "behind Hastings." High points are a 30-ft. long bar, grilled PB&J sandwiches and according to the Spring 2004 issue of the sports magazine "Unlimited," one of the top ten burgers in the nation.

Music: The jukebox rotates a variety of tunes but leans towards Top 40 and 80s/90s hits.

Diversions: Dart boards, Adams family pinball and the becoming-hard-to-find foosball in addition to six pool tables and a matching number of television sets including a gigantic projection screen model. Also several table top video games and the ever popular video golf. Snacks! Lots of cool munchies including mini burritos, hot wings, pork tenderloins and several styles of (apparently nationally famous) burgers-plus the grill is hot up until midnight.