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Wagmore Canine Enrichment

Rating: 5

bookgrrrl Wagmore Canine Enrichment

I love Wagmore; I can't say enough good things about them. I came in with a very stubborn, high energy puppy that would grow to be 100 pounds. Their positive training methods - no choke or prong collars and lots of positive reinforcement - were what I was looking for and the results have been tremendous. Jerri & Jeannene are intelligent, kind, patient, have great energy and rapport with the dogs, and are board certified positive trainers who continue to keep up-to-date on the latest training techniques. I also use Wagmore for daycare, dog walks, and boarding. I'm always confident that my dog will be safe, kept stimulated and busy, and treated with the utmost kindness. I have no doubt that my dog is cared for as if she was one of their own - when my dog is in their hands I don't have to worry. Ultimately, Wagmore's expertise has strengthened the bond between me & Beckett and given me the tools for a lifelong positive relationship with my four-legged kid. Thank you Wagmore!!

Rating: 5

bmorey Wagmore Canine Enrichment

Without Jerri & Jeannene at Wagmore, I would not have kept Luna, my Weimaraner pup. They have done a fantastic job of training her and their daycare keeps her busy & engaged while I have to be at work. They are patient with me and Luna, and they never give up, even though she is a very difficult dog. They will also be boarding her soon so she will not lose the progress she has made while I have to be away. A huge thank you to Wagmore!!!