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Visit website 701 W 23rd St, Lawrence, KS 66044 Open today until 11 p.m.

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Rating: 1

Stannis435 Tryyaki

If you want sub-Par food and terrible customer service mixed with awful language communication skills, this is the place for you! If you like old sushi that will make you sick, and stringy chicken, you should definitely go. Rude, bad food. Not worth it. If I could give less stars I would.

Rating: 1

alf08 Tryyaki

I ordered the beef and broccoli from here a few times. Most of the time it is good. However, a few times the food had been raw. The first two times it was raw, I just heated it back up. Today I ordered it again, thinking that maybe it was just a mistake. When I got my food today it was so red that I didn't even want to try to cook it. I call the store back and they told me it had been to long since I ordered the food to get a reimbursement. I told the guy I still had the food. The guy argued with me until I told him I am just going to bring it back up there and he needs to give me a refund. I will not be going back due to the horrible customer service on top of the raw food.

Rating: 1

wildone311 Tryyaki

This place has great food I give them that, but they try and bill people an extrat $1.50 bad weather charge with out informing or asking if its ok. I placed an order today weather forcast was cloudy and 35degrees, no rain, now sleat or anything, the road are clear and completely safe, no weather advisery or any bad weather. I was told total was $16 something the driver showed up and the ticket was over $18 and I was told bad weather charge was added. I promptly chewed the guy out told him to take the food back I wasn't paying for it and that they lost a very loyal customer for life! The fee isn't listed on there website or menu. It was fraud and if i'm charged I will pursue criminal actions against them.

Rating: 5

ecm5119 Tryyaki

So tasty. We get the chicken and broccoli (which is not officially on the menu board) and the sesame chicken. Great value for what you get and it is always prepared to order. We may have to wait a few extra minutes in the drive-thru lane, but it is worth it.

Rating: 5

Jason Randall Tryyaki

Beef and broccoli is great, so is the orange chicken with crab rangoons! Quick and convenient for sure :)

Rating: 5

mawalker33 Tryyaki

Tryyaki is a great place to pick up chinese food on the go! I love the teriyaki chicken and philadelphia rolls, my girlfriend loves the beef kabobs.... the meals come with drinks, it's like date night in a bag...just add a movie!