Thai-Siam Restaurant 785-331-2525

601 South Kasold Drive, Ste C101, Lawrence, KS 66049 Opens today at 11:30 a.m.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 8 ratings. 8 user reviews. 8 reviews


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  • Best of Lawrence 2013
  • Phone: 785-331-2525

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Rating: 5

Scott Risley, DC Thai-Siam Restaurant

Absolutely love this place. The beef pad thai and beef tendon soup are both fantastic!

Rating: 3

Crystal Patterson Thai-Siam Restaurant

I love this place - the food is awesome - but I have all but given up on getting take-out there. They are one of the slowest places I have ever encountered, every time I will call ahead to place an order for take out and every time they do not start the order until I walk in the door to pick it up. I understand they want the food to be fresh for the customer, but it will literally take 30-45 minutes to get the food once they start making it. Even if I call half an hour or an hour ahead and ask them to make it now, they still will not start it. Once I walked over to Astros and had a couple of drinks while I waited and it still took almost an hour, another time, I ended up next door at Jimmy John's, ate my sandwich then when I finally got my food I just took it home as leftovers. The food is very good and for this I want to give them 5 stars but the painfully long wait times has made me give up on ordering from there which would be one star, so overall they get three. Maybe if I have some errands to run in the area, I can go in, order my food, then run errands and hope it will be ready when I am done. If someone is wanting to relax and dine in and are not on any time constraint, I highly recommend it.

Rating: 5

ldvander Thai-Siam Restaurant

The only place in Town that makes Drunken Pork Noodles Thai Hot the way they should be!!! The staff has character and I wish they would yell at me more when I come in. Only thing I want is to use my own container straight out of the wok so as I can transport on my motorcycle without transferring from Styrofoam to tupper on site. Because I have to wash down my noodles with beer and sweat and pad my brow because that is how I like my drunken noodles. Oh, the other stuff is outstanding as well!!

Rating: 1

greygirl Thai-Siam Restaurant

I used to love love love this place, great food, awesome prices. All great, the other day me and my boyfriend went to get dinner here because i wanted him to try it so I could turn him on their food. He ordered spring rolls which in all the places he had been in previously did not have shrimp in them and were fried, (which it just depends on the place) well it had shrimp in them, and it did not read on the menu anywhere that I could see that it had shrimp in it, my boyfriend is not only allergic to shrimp, but he is vegetarian, and luckily ended up seeing the shrimp before he ate it, so no big deal incidents happen, BUT the manager or person working yelled at my boyfriend when he asked if he could get something else in place of it which is not to much to ask frankly, and we left. Later on we got our money back only because of my boyfriends father. We will never be going back. horrible dinner experience.

Randy Erickson replies...

Does that experience warrant a one star rating? Might just have been a bad day. The food is still great! You just might get yelled at in the process. But, mmmm...

greygirl replies...

having employees bark at their customers is no way to gain people, obviiously it has happened before. its also a very unproffesional atmosphere w workers. foods good, but not THAT good

Cai replies...

There's nothing inherently vegetarian about a spring roll. It's not listed under any of their vegetarian lists - they make no claims that it's vegetarian. If you didn't ask, I don't see how the chef is responsible for this.

MANY spring rolls from MANY areas include shrimp, and it's fairly traditional. I understand that you didn't know this - but it's your mistake, not the chef's. And it should be you that ends up paying for it. Pay for different food - fine. Nothing says you have to eat what you don't want.

In this case, The Customer is NOT Always Right.

Rating: 5

prep6905 Thai-Siam Restaurant

I worked here for over 2 yrs. My name is Lee, this is the best Thai food in Lawrence. It's a family ran business, that treats it's employees, and customers just like family. The owners, and there kids, are awesome people and the food is all fresh to order.

granthays replies...

Lee, I like your review. Not only is it the best Asian food of any region, the biggest portions, super nice to it's customers, AND the most reasonably priced in Lawrence, but hearing that it's family run and good to it's employees makes this the best restaurant in town.

Lee, I think I'm going to get Thai Siam tonight.

Rating: 5

Eric Holscher Thai-Siam Restaurant

Love this place. The Chicken Pad Thai and the Drunken Noodles (Kee Mow) are to die for!

Rating: 5

Jeffrey Triplett Thai-Siam Restaurant

Great Thai food and the only place in Lawrence where they serve Springfield Style Cashew Chicken!

Rating: 5

Charlie Leifer Thai-Siam Restaurant

Simply the best thai food in town.