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Swims & Sweeps Inc

Rating: 1

smmeyer Swims & Sweeps Inc

Swims and Sweeps would be my last choice for chimney inspection and repairs. My experience with them has caused me to seriously question their workmanship and willingness to stand behind their work.

Rating: 1

Michelle Reynolds Swims & Sweeps Inc

I agree! I am a realtor and sent my buyers to use them to have their pool repaired. I assumed since they are a long time Lawrence business they would do good work. It's taken 3 months to get the pool fixed. Still not right. Cathy and the owner clay have yelled at me for asking questions about the work they are doing and when it will be done. It's been this long they still don't know why the pool is leaking. They replaced some concrete where they dug up to do some work and I could have done a better job. Concrete is everywhere. Do not use them!!!

Rating: 1

MadKc1964 Swims & Sweeps Inc

On a scale of 1 to 10, I can't even offer them a 1. Customer service was terrible. Installation was shoddy. They mis-cut my ceiling and didn't offer to fix it; I had to go back to the store and demand they fix it. As a result, now roof leaks and there's waterspots on my ceiling. Installer was rude and tried to intimidate me. They were a no-show first scheduled day of install so I lost a days wages for nothing. In an effort to get the project going, I accepted a damaged floor pad ember protector, and everything went wrong from there. I do not recommend this company at all!

Rating: 1

M_B Swims & Sweeps Inc

Beware of Kathy the manager. Worst customer service I have ever had in my life!!! She is not friendly or knowledgeable about the products she sells. Please save your time and money. I can't comment on the rest of the sales associates in this store, but if they are managed by Kathy I would be cautious!