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Sandwich Bowl

Rating: 5

Jeff Cuttell Sandwich Bowl

I'm glad to see Sandwich Bowl was able to make the move to the 6th & Wak area near Dillons. This is great food and I would have missed them. Now I won't have to!

Rating: 5

Sunnymay Sandwich Bowl

Ok first of all this place is AMAZING!! I have already been there three times and each time the service is friendly, quick, and the food is awesome. I've tried their cold subs and my favorite so far is the Nishna and have tried three of there warm subs. There soups were fresh and I recommend trying their ham and bean soup!!! This is my new favorite sandwich shop in Lawrence. Please if you haven't tried it go check it out!!!!

Rating: 5

Sara McBride Sandwich Bowl

OH MY GOSH! Just found my favorite hangover food. Well...also any day food.

The first time I went, I ordered the Breakfast Betta Burger. This ground beef, eggs, hashbrowns, bacon, American and Cream cheese. (I got it without the cream cheese, I am not a fan and everyone thought I was crazy.) was great.

This Sunday (after kind of a rough Sat night), I ordered the Macaroni and Cheese Betta Burger. Yup...Yummy mac and cheese mixed with ground beef. Awe.

They also have this desert. Peanut Butter rice crispy treats with a thick sliver of chocolate on the top. To die for.