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River Rock Family Dental

Rating: 5

Jacque Mocnik-Boyd River Rock Family Dental

First let me state that this is not a "fake review". I have throughout the years had some terrible experiences with dentists and was very leery to even go to yet another dentist but my mom has been going to River Rock for several years and was very satisfied with her treatment so I decided to give them a shot. Every visit I have been to has been far beyond my expectations. I was told by another dentist that I needed major surgery to graft bone to my front lower jaw and rebuild gums or I would lose all my lower teeth. This was going to be a very pricey procedure. When I went to River Rock the first visit, I told them upfront about the procedure I was told I needed. After all the X-rays and examine it was determined that I did not in fact need this procedure. After determining what I did need and writing up a treatment plan, the work I had done was amazing. I did not have any pain issues, no issues with my fillings I had and I also had a scaling done. The pricing was in line with my treatment plan and I never was billed any excess. The staff has always been helpful and willing to explain each step of every procedure. My husband has also been to their office several times and he has also received top notch care. After being to so many terrible dentists I am so pleased to have finally found one that I am comfortable with.

Rating: 1

NeTWOrkCENTS River Rock Family Dental

I am new to Lawrence and was (and once again am) in need of a dentist. I did some research and read some reviews and decided that since River Rock was close to home and had 'decent' reviews, I would give them a shot. Honestly, had I written this review after my first appointment I would have had really positive things to say about them. They do appear to have a nice reception staff and seemingly are well put together **as long as everything is routine and you do not question Dr. Valbuena. The second there was any sort of miscommunication or question on my part as to treatment, I found that Dr. Valbuena immediately took a defensive attitude and was overall closed off to the idea that any sore of alteration or deviation from his original treatment or plan was going to be unacceptable in his mind. In the end, it was easier for him to turn me away than it was for him to make a simple alteration.
Dr. Valbuena acted in a very unprofessional and demeaning manner and in the end, having been unjustly shown the door, I left the appointment confused and in tears. It is an awful feeling trusting someone to help you and having them make you feel so terribly small and unimportant. Since this encounter I've talked to people that go to (or have gone to) River Rock and to my comfort I am not the only one who has had similar difficulties with Dr. Valbuena. Save yourself the time. They have forced me to have to find a new dentist yet again and I would recommend you all do the same. In the end we will be better off and hopefully receive much better care than what I experienced at River Rock. Thanks for reading!

Rating: 5

mandybear568 River Rock Family Dental

River Rock is top notch! I finally got up the nerve to schedule an appointment after having a tooth ache for 2 years. I went to this office because they take my insurance. They were very clear about my cost up front. I havent been to many offices here in Lawrence, but I know where I am from, they dont even take my insurance, I have to pay it all up front and submit a claim myself. Everything about this office made me very comfortable, from the nice clean lobby to their chairside manner. Five star practice. I am very pleased.

Rating: 5

Cyndi_lou_who1945 River Rock Family Dental

Love this office! Great technology, and a very friendly atmosphere! My kids love going because they get to play with all the fun toys in the waiting room.

Rating: 5

Melissa2895 River Rock Family Dental

Nice, clean, friendly office. Have had one too many bad dental experiences in the past. I went in to Riverrock for my first visit thismorning, they were very good at explaining my problems to me, and offering serveral different solutions. I havent been the nicest to my teeth over the years, so was very nervous going in for my first visit. But everything went smooth, and I scheduled for my next appointment for a few fillings in just a couple weeks. I am very pleased with this place. A+!

Rating: 5

RantonLPD0881 River Rock Family Dental

Great atmoshphere at this office. I took my 3 year old son in for his first check up and the woman that cleaned his teeth was so sweet and helpful. He is so excited to go back in 6 more months!

Rating: 5

Granny4KU River Rock Family Dental

It had been almost 20 years since I had been to see a dentist, not recommended, simply because my last visit was not a good experience. After visiting River Rock, I will be heading back for regular check ups and cleanings. Very friendly staff and they definetly have the patients comfort and health in mind when performing their duties. Thanks River Rock for a very pleasant experience.

Rating: 1

tyger_lily River Rock Family Dental

Horrible! I have always been scared of the dentist and my teeth suffer because of that. I went there because I have having serious pain in a back tooth. Of course, it was going to need a root canal. I went back and had the work done. During the procedure, the novocaine had started to wear off, but I couldn't get them to stop. I was trying to scream but just had to deal with it. One day later, I come down with a horrible throat infection, which my doctor told me that I got from improper cleaning of the root canal. Went in a couple weeks later, had some more work done. A filling came loose in the same area they were working on a week later and they told me that it wasn't their fault that happened and charged me $500 to fix it. After that, I was done. They gave me my treatment plan and it was over $13k. I went to another dentist, very nice, very caring, and understood that novocaine wears off on redheads fast. That tooth that had the botched root canal had to be pulled. Everything else was fixed in my mouth and I have had to pay for less than $1k out of pocket. River City Dental is all about money, horrible customer service, and I was treated like scum because I had cavities.

Rating: 1

divya1204 River Rock Family Dental

Had a tooth ache and went in.The dental assistant looked at my tooth & said I had really bad cavity & they wld extract my tooth & put in some titanium rod kinda stuff.she then cleaned my teeth.Dr. Valbuena came in,didn't even bother saying a polite hello,asked me to open my mouth,looked at all the pictures & Xrays & told that I would have to get root canal done & that I had several really bad cavities.Then he said his assistant wld help set up an appointment for my root canal & then he left.I didn't not even get a chance to ask what other possible alternatives were & all this while he had a mask on,I didn't even see his face.I thought he was really rude.I am new to Lawrence and I had gone in only after reading all the Google reviews.I am no longer sure if all the reviews other than mine are even genuine or just some fake ones written by Dr. Valbuena's staff assistants. I was quite unsure about the root canal but I was in so much pain that I couldn't bear it & went in for the root canal. They gave me an estimate cost for the entire procedure,the total was around $2000, out of which I would have to pay $587 and remaining would be covered by insurance. Yet I got a $129 bill from River Rock 3 weeks after my visit.Dr. Valbuena had said that the tooth that had the crown would feel like any other tooth in my mouth & i should use that tooth normally while eating. It never felt normal though. 2 days after the procedure I was still feeling uncomfortable in that tooth-it felt lose and wiggly wobbly,it was also hurting just a little bit. So i went in again. The assistant examined my tooth & told that it was just a tad lose but it was fixable & then she called in Dr. Valbuena to take a look at it. He came in after 5 mins,examined my tooth(basically just poked at it with some sharp instrument) & said it was all good & the nerves are lose and it will become normal in a few days.That was it and he left,didnt even give me a chance to say anything.Again he had his mask on,so even after 2 visits I have no idea what the doc looks like. I was really pissed and left the clinic. Its been 1 whole month since my root canal procedure & my tooth(one which had the root canal) and the one right beside it still feel kinda wobbly when I chew with those 2 teeth. I do not have any intentions of going back to Dr. Valbuena,I do not trust him at all & fear that he might ruin my teeth even more if I go in again. I was duped into going to River Rock dental after reading Google reviews, which are mostly fake - I am sure. A couple of days ago I was talking to one of my coworkers and I mentioned River Rock Dental & my bad experience & shockingly he had had a similarly bad experience too. He had gone for a tooth extraction & the procedure went horribly and 2 years hence, he still doesn't use the right side of his mouth to eat. I dont usually go around writing reviews, but I hope noone else ends up ruining their teeth after spending 100s of dollars

Rating: 5

tangles762000 River Rock Family Dental

I love this dentist office, it is very clean and the employees as well as the dentist's themselves are very helpful and courteous. They know who you are after one visit. I use to hate to go to the dentist and now I am not worried about it at all. I had a root canal done a few weeks ago and went back for a cleaning today. The Dentist's are the best in Lawrence and I have been around. The office staff explains all my costs before we even start any work. I appreciate that. ALI tries very hard to tell you what your insurance may pay and helps you to maximize your benefits. I love that because most dental insurance have an out of pocket maximum and I want to know where I stand and how much I have left to use. Great job guys I am so lucky to have found you. Thanks again

Rating: 5

Tileman River Rock Family Dental

What a great family dental office!!! I moved to this office a few months ago and very glad that I did. The entire staff is welcoming and kind. When I arrive for my appointments the staff welcomes me and even knows my name!!!! Talk about customer service!!! Both Dr. Valbuena and Dr. Joice are exceptional at what they do and make sure to explain and answer any questions that I may have. I would highly recommend!!!

Rating: 5

riverrock River Rock Family Dental

We appologize for the inconvenience. When we present a treatment plan to a patient it is explained that your costs are estimated based on your insurance coverage. Included in our new patient forms is a financial agreement stating that we estimate all charges to the best of our ability, which all patients are asked to sign. There are so many types of policies, with various clauses involved it is next to impossible to know exactly how any insurance company will pay on a claim. We take pride in keeping our patients informed of all aspects of their treatment.

Rating: 3

cubanlilly River Rock Family Dental

Everyone at their office was friendly and my dental work went well. However they were not upfront about costs that they should have known about (costs associated with Delta Dental one of the largest insurance providers available) and after already paying a hefty fee out of pocket I was sent another bill for even more. I will not be returning.