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Digital Retinal Photography

We are proud to offer this digital and photographic record for your eyes. With old forms of record keeping, doctors simply drew pictures in the patient's medical record of problems seen in the eye. Now a picture is worth a thousand words. Our instrument takes a digital photograph of the tissues inside the eye, allowing us to accurately find or track many conditions. Just as X-rays are used by dentists and physicians, we feel these images are an irreplaceable part of your medical record. This service is strongly recommended at your first eye examination and especially to those with high myopia (nearsightedness), diabetes or glaucoma, those considered at risk for glaucoma, patients with a family history of genetic eye diseases, and to those taking medications known to be a high risk to the eyes.

Please note that most insurance companies do not cover this service unless it is medically necessary. However, patients can pay out of pocket. We consider this technology important enough to offer our patients, so please tell your doctor if you would like this higher level of care.