Quantum Chiropractic

1203 Iowa St, Lawrence, KS 66044


Opens Tuesday at 10 a.m.

Restoring Vibrational Integrity to the Spine

At Quantum Chiropractic, I am committed to providing holistic, individualized, affordable Chiropractic care that is honoring, gentle, and even fun. I have drawn from a number of distinguished techniques to provide a protocol that is holistic, non-linear and wonderfully effective. Healing requires balance, and a “vitalistic” approach to adjusting the spine, which takes into account your own body’s innate wisdom in determining the adjusting sequence, has proven to me to be the most effective means of achieving that balance.The “Quantum Method” is interactive, and honoring of your uniqueness. It follows a diagnostic process that listens to your body in deciding when and where to adjust, for optimal healing.