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Pizza Shuttle

Rating: 5

matt07 Pizza Shuttle

The Brandy B's cheesetix are by far the best I've ever had. I eat them several times a week. If there was a noble prize given away for food, these cheestix would win it !!!

Rating: 5

midnightopen Pizza Shuttle

love the place. open after midnight. it hits the spot when nothing good is open after midnight.

Rating: 5

JayJayPG Pizza Shuttle

Best "fast food/cheap pizza" you will ever eat. Nothing beats the walk-in special in terms of price, quality, and taste. There are tons of toppings to choose from and I don't know what it is about their crushed ice, but it is amazing.

*I believe the above picture is a tad outdated. The walk-in special (advertised in the window) is now $4.25.

Rating: 5

jayhawk105 Pizza Shuttle

this is a great pizza place. my friends and i always go to it after/ before a basketball or football games. the price is great since it includes a personal pizza and a drink. when you come by Lawrence gotta stop by pizza shuttle.