Rating: 2

nanmo Pizza Hut

The pizza that was delivered was good not great and delivered in a reasonable amount of time. However, the pizza was made incorrectly missing pork, sausage, and beef on a super supreme. I attempted to call the restaurant. The phone rang 10 minutes no answer. A nice young woman answered and attempted to get the manager waiting again plus 5 minutes for Cameron with no avail. He was too busy to talk to me to address the wrong order and was requested 2x by his staff per my request. The young woman apologized. I need to remember do not order from Pizza Hut.

Rating: 1

Rae Smith Evans Pizza Hut

Lousy service! Didn't deliver all of my order, promised to fix it and, 4.5 hours and several phone calls later, still not fixed! All they care to give are excuses. They still owe me.

Rating: 4

jayhawks100 Pizza Hut

i use them some time when getting lunch. good service, clean place and fast.

Rating: 5

durbin3 Pizza Hut

Great service! most pizza places in college towns are not quite up to par. This pizza hut on 23rd st. in Lawrence KS however has always gone above and beyond my expectations and I eat there once a week. The service is super friendly and amazingly fast. I have never had a bad experience with them and doubt I ever will due to their good nature. Keep it up !!!