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Mia's Italian Restaurant

Rating: 1

BornAJayhawk Mia's Italian Restaurant

I was excited to see this much needed addition to the restaurants in Lawrence. However, the experience was terribly disappointing.

The only good things I can say about the experience was that our server was excellent. She even told us we were the nicest dissatisfied customers she had ever seen there...

The main complaint I have is about the food. I ordered a salad and the Mia's Pasta with chicken, mushrooms and a marsala wine sauce. The salad was OK. It was soggy and tasted like it had been congealing in the refrigerator for too long. The pasta was dreadful. Everyone in our party ordered it and after taking two bites of it we were ready for the check. It smelled like cat food and tasted like beef stroganoff gone terribly wrong.

We were not the only ones dissatisfied with Mia's that night. A couple who had been seated before us stormed out because we received our food before they did, and we had been waiting for some time. I would have gladly given them my plate and gone to another restaurant.

I certainly will not be going back to Mia's anytime soon

Rating: 5

lawhawk1974 Mia's Italian Restaurant

What a pleasant suprise!!! My wife and I visited Italy last month so we have avoided Italian Food for a couple weeks but Mia's was spot on for us! From the chicken parmesan that I ordered to the Linguine Chicken Pesto my wife had everything was excellent. The service was probably the best service we have ever had and the manager that visited our table was a delight. The portions are very large and bill was very small. We also had a bottle of Coastal Vineyards Merlot that was excellent and affordable, we have not been able to find the Coastal Vineyards at the Store yet but I'm sure we will be able to pick up a bottle for the house very soon!

Rating: 2

Debbie Snyder Mia's Italian Restaurant

Waitress was responsive and we received very good service. Portions were good. We ordered half-size portions and had enough for another meal. We were disappointed in the breadsticks in that they were small and stale. Loved the desserts. The meal seemed to come out of a can or was frozen processed. The price did not seem to match the quality of the food. We would try again.

Rating: 2

adrianss Mia's Italian Restaurant

I think the concept of the restaurant is a very good one for a college town like Lawrence. It is also really cheap, especially compared to other Italian restaurants in town. Service was good, and quick, which is why I gave it two stars rather than 1. The atmosphere was not really incredible. It basically looks like they painted, put some table cloths on the tables, and replaced the sports memorabilia with italian 'stuff'. I'm not sure a non-sports bar can really flourish in the old Zig&Macs. That being said, the main component of the restaurant, the food, was terrible. The bread-sticks were simple, came out in a bowl, but you can't really mess up bread-sticks. I had the chicken parmigiana with spaghetti with marinara. The chicken tasted like it was just defrosted in the back and the sauce that was covering every last bit of the chicken and the spaghetti was terrible. It really tasted like it came out of a giant can in the back that said "AUTHENTIC MARINARA SAUCE". I honestly want to say that it was good because of the affordable price, but I would much rather pay twice as much and eat a really good meal at a place like Paisano's.

Rating: 4

Ben Smith Mia's Italian Restaurant

Tried out this new restaurant at the weekend. Great bread sticks and salad, followed by a good lunch we all enjoyed. Portions were generous - quarter size was fine for one person. Also very affordable. The girl that waited on us was great, really impressed with the service. We'll be back for sure.