Low Maintenance Landscape Inc.

801 Comet Lane , Suite B, Lawrence, KS 66049


Opens Monday at 10 a.m.

Low Maintenance Landscape firm takes pride in offering high quality services to homeowners in Lawrence and surrounding Douglas county areas! We exercise a caring approach to create gardens that are both low maintenance and long lasting. This saves you money over the years and is friendly to our environment. We're proud to be a "green" company.

We have witnessed many spectacular homes that are under-landscaped with generic plants and cheap paver blocks. With our help, we can give your home that beautiful, mature, and unique look that will have your neighbors asking ..."who did it?!?" An attractive professionally designed landscape can add 10-15% to your home value. Protect your investment while creating a beautiful place to relax and live.

We excel in the art of designing beautiful landscapes that require much less upkeep and maintenance than conventional landscapes! Our landscape projects contain a mix of native and exotic plants that are adapted to your local landscape environment. You will notice that our landscapes also provide four seasons of beauty.