Little Lotus Portraits

841 Massachusetts Street, Lawrence, KS 66044


Open today until 5 p.m. Open by appointment

Local photographer Laura Wolfe specializes in children’s portraiture. Her patience and devotion to working with children matches their equally intense unabashed and emotional honesty, the essence of which Laura values and captures with the lens. Children aren’t just subjects in a portrait to Laura; they are diverse, carefree, uninhibited beings that she immensely enjoys working with. Children as young as two weeks and as mature as high school seniors are welcome, as well as expectant mothers.

As a third generation Lawrencian, community connectedness is as important as the connection to the child in front of her. A comfortable and inviting atmosphere is an obvious aim when you walk in her studio. The studio offers a boutique type setting, where visual uniqueness and the personal touch is valued.

Getting to know her customers is an essential priority to Laura, therefore the consultations are required and photography sessions are not time limited. She believes portraiture is a unique experience. The goal, process, and product is different for everybody.