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Who We Are

Life Restoration Ministries is a non-profit service organization founded on biblical principles. This is a non-denominational ministry that was conceived in my heart in May 2005. As a social worker for the past 12 years, I've had the distinct privilege of working with people who were in physical, mental and/or emotional crisis. I've encountered people who have worked all of their lives to develop disciplines, survival techniques and coping mechanisms in an effort to find relief from their life circumstances. The message of Life Restoration Ministries is that God wants to take each person from "survival mode" to a state of FULL DELIVERANCE AND RESTORATION. By the Grace of God, by his Spirit, and through his Son Jesus Christ, humankind can be fully REDEEMED, RESTORED, and RECONCILED to a life of hope, comfort and peace.

-K. Nicole Rials, Founder/Visionary