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News / Looking for a kitten? Recent arrivals mean animal shelter looking for more homes


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The shelter reports a recent influx of kittens, and now more than 30 are available for adoption. Most are between 8 and 14 weeks of age, in about every color and type, including calico, torti, flame point, mackeral, Siamese, tabby, solid color, bi-color, long-hair, short-hair, and more. Playful and curious, kittens offer hours of entertainment and will grow into long-term companions and integral parts of your family.

A Great Pet Choice

For properly supervised children, kittens make excellent first-time pets. And if you have other established pets in the home, a kitten is more likely to be accepted by the other animals and will adjust more easily to the changes that a new home brings. Kittens' personalities are still developing; therefore, the adopter has more control over experiences, socialization, and ultimately how they will be as adults.

It's important to help find permanent homes for kittens, as they often become more difficult to adopt after spending critical developmental stages confined in the shelter environment. Young felines must be properly introduced to various stimuli and situations at early stages so they do not become withdrawn or fearful of new experiences as adults. Kittens need space to run, jump, play, and explore. And while we work very hard to meet all of their needs, the shelter environment is not conducive for long-term housing of kittens.

Please contact an adoption counselor today!