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Special Feline Promotion for June 2012

For the month of June, we've waiving the adoption fee on all cats cats 4-months of age and older! Plus, we're offering a discounted adoption fee on kittens 8-16 weeks ($50, two for $75). Includes spay/neuter, feline leukemia test (on cats 4-months and older), vaccines, microchip, collar/tag, travel box, post-adoption health exam from a local veterinarian and 30-days of pet health insurance. It's a great time to add a fabulous feline (or two!) to your family.

Looking for a kitten? Recent arrivals mean animal shelter looking for more homes

The shelter reports a recent influx of kittens, and now more than 30 are available for adoption. Most are between 8 and 14 weeks of age, in about every color and type, including calico, torti, flame point, mackeral, Siamese, tabby, solid color, bi-color, long-hair, short-hair, and more. Playful and curious, kittens offer hours of entertainment and will grow into long-term companions and integral parts of your family.

A Great Pet Choice

For properly supervised children, kittens make excellent first-time pets. And if you have other established pets in the home, a kitten is more likely to be accepted by the other animals and will adjust more easily to the changes that a new home brings. Kittens' personalities are still developing; therefore, the adopter has more control over experiences, socialization, and ultimately how they will be as adults.

It's important to help find permanent homes for kittens, as they often become more difficult to adopt after spending critical developmental stages confined in the shelter environment. Young felines must be properly introduced to various stimuli and situations at early stages so they do not become withdrawn or fearful of new experiences as adults. Kittens need space to run, jump, play, and explore. And while we work very hard to meet all of their needs, the shelter environment is not conducive for long-term housing of kittens.

Please contact an adoption counselor today!

Annual Garage Sale Fundraiser a Success!

Thank you to everyone who donated items for this year's garage sale. With less time to prepare and receive items than in years past, we worried one of our largest fundraisers would be a scaled-back affair. But despite the shortened amount of planning time, your donations came pouring in, and we raised about $7,000 – surpassing our expectations! Special thank you to Megan and her team of helpers for everything they did to make this a success.

Animal Shelter Seeks Assistance, Waives Cat Adopt Fees

The Lawrence Humane Society is requesting immediate assistance from the community to provide homes for cats and kittens. Recent surges in feline intake numbers have pushed current occupancy beyond the maximum level of its animal shelter, 1805 E. 19th Street. When the population at the shelter exceeds capacity, animals are at increased risk of illness and behavioral problems, and added pressure on resources begins to limit the ability to provide important services.

The animal shelter currently has more than 200 healthy adoptable cats and kittens. To help place them in homes more quickly, the organization is waiving all adoption fees, effective Tuesday, June 14, and continuing until the situation has been stabilized. This decision temporarily supersedes the shelter's current "$9 for 9 Lives" feline promotion that has been offered in recognition of Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat Month. Regular adoption eligibility requirements apply, and a refundable spay/neuter deposit will be required for certain animals not able to be altered before going home.

Cats make great pets for many reasons Compared with other animals, cats are more self-sufficient and can be happy in a smaller living space. Studies have shown people with feline companions may experience reduced blood pressure, and kitties may even help fight depression and loneliness. And, as you know, you won't have to worry about mice!

The seriousness of the shelter’s overpopulation situation highlights the responsibility of the community to keep its animal population at manageable levels. Simply encouraging friends and family to have pets spayed or neutered significantly helps not only the animal shelter but the community as a whole.

A selection of wonderful shelter cats may be found at the Lawrence Humane Society Web site,, or by visiting the shelter.

Questions? Please contact: Emily Peterson President, Lawrence Humane Society Board of Directors

Terry Erisman Board Member m: 785-979-1594

Annual Garage Sale Rescheduled to June 10-11

Our annual garage sale to benefit the shelter animals will be held Friday, June 10, and Saturday, June 11. More details will be coming soon. First chance for donation drop-offs is today, Saturday, May 28, from 12-2 p.m. at the location of the sale: 31st & Haskell (Yellow building w/ 3 big bay doors). Future times will be announced when available. Or schedule a time to drop off your items by sending an e-mail to or call 785-766-2314. Thank you for supporting the shelter animals!