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On January 2, 1987, the Lawrence Public School's Board of Education purchased 50.6 acres of land from Alvamar Reality. At the time of purchase, the land was west of Lawrence and had yet to be developed. Mr. Bob Billings (Alvamar Reality) contacted Mr. Ken Fisher, the Director of Business for the Lawrence Public Schools, regarding the land purchase. Mr. Billings agreed to sell the land to the school district at his cost, which was $136,916.50 ($2,705.85/acre). The land is currently valued at $40,000 - $50,000 per acre, which places the total value of the property at over $2 million. Originally, the school district had plans to build a second high school on this 50 acres. The board, however, decided to build our second high school in a different location, and this land was used for the district's newest elementary school. Shortly after passage of a school bond issue, Myron Melton was hired as the school's first principal and the planning began. After much public input and discussion, the board of education voted to name the new school "Langston Hughes Elementary". Author and poet, Langston Hughes, spent much of his early childhood growing up in Lawrence, Kansas. As a child he attended Pinckney Elementary school and Central School. As an adult living in Harlem, New York, Langston Hughes became nationally recognized for his writings, which were rooted in his African American experience. On August 18, 2000, Langston Hughes Elementary School opened its doors for the first time. The school, which is built to accommodate 500 students, opened with 178 students. It is anticipated that the school will be at capacity in 3 - 5 years.

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