3115 W. 6th St, Suite I, Lawrence, KS 66049


Lawrence Jazzercise offers 41 classes/week. All memberships good for unlimited classes. Try our new AB BLAST, 15 minute rock-you-to-the core sessions! M/W/F/Sat 9:15am and M/W/F 5:30pm.

When you love your workout, results come easy. That’s why Jazzercise blends aerobics, yoga, Pilates, and kickboxing movements into fun dance routines set to fresh new music.

All classes are appropriate for all ages and fitness levels. Beginners may start in any class at any time.

What is Jazzercise? • Jazzercise is the world’s largest dance-fitness program. • You won’t exercise to background music – you’ll DANCE to the latest music! • All of our movements have been reviewed by an exercise physiologist for safety and effectiveness.

Is it aerobic? Is it low impact? • Approximately 30-35 minutes of the 1 hour class concentrates on aerobic activity and improving cardiovascular fitness. The remaining 25-30 minute of class focuses on muscle toning, core stability work, and flexibility. • Jazzercise combines low impact and high impact movements. The instructor demonstrates two versions of every movement so you can cater your workout to your individual fitness needs.

What are the instructors’ credentials? • Each Jazzercise instructor is professionally trained and certified by Jazzercise, Inc. Jazzercise is accredited by AFAA (Aerobics &Fitness Association of America). • All instructors are CPR certified and receive continuing education in all aspects of dance and exercise physiology.

What do I wear? What do I bring? • Wear comfortable clothing that does not restrict your movements and allows for sweat evaporation.
• Bring a water bottle, towel, mat and hand-held weights (storage provided for weights).