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CLO’s Behavioral Services consists of professional Behavior Analysts (BA) whose mission is to ensure that behavioral problems are addressed respectfully and effectively, and that optimal learning conditions exist for all people served by CLO. BAs support adults with disabilities by working with staff via workshops and training sessions, hands-on coaching, technical support, and quality assurance.

Behavioral Services offers the following:

Behavioral assessment and functional analysis, Individualized skill acquisition and behavior support plans and data systems, Training in the areas of applied behavior analysis, positive behavior supports, and the Family-Teaching Model, Clinical Review. BAs use several technologies, including the Quality of Life Planning process, the Family-teaching Model, Applied Behavior Analysis, and Positive Behavior Supports to ensure that every person has a schedule, meaningful choices, communication options, a safe and stimulating environment, preferred engagement opportunities, positive relationships, community access, and a healthy lifestyle because problem behaviors tend to decrease when people are happy with their lives. BAs also help teams identify and teach appropriate replacement skills as alternatives to problem behaviors.

If behavior problems persist, then BAs work closely with the team to analyze behavioral data, brainstorm ideas, and evaluate intervention strategies. If psychotropic medications are used, then BAs work with psychiatrists to ensure that optimal medications are considered. The BAs are a part of a Clinical Review team that provides a regular comprehensive review of each case in order to produce a positive outcome.