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Chaney Incorporated

Rating: 1

smilboy99 Chaney Incorporated

Water heater not working one day. Called this company based on the good reviews on Google. They checked it and said it's the thermocouple not working. I asked them how much the replacement part costs, they said about 3 bucks. I told them go ahead. The next day I got a call from this company asking for $925. They said they could not find a thermocouple for my water heater so instead they replaced the entire water heater. I was totally outraged and asked them why they replaced the entire water heater just because of such a small part. And thermocouple is sold in nearly every home improvement or hardware store. What's worse was when I asked them to send me a bill about what they did for the repair, they insisted on getting my credit card over the phone immediately. Be very careful if you choose to work with this company.

Rating: 4

naturebydawn Chaney Incorporated

Plumbing service was great. The guy worked quickly and efficiently. However, it did take a long time for him to arrive.

They did so well, I decided to use them again for furnace repair. There were issues with this service but the company has been willing to work with me to make things right.